The Paris Vampire – The Vampires That Time Forgot #2

You may have heard of the Highgate Vampire said to have haunted Highgate Cemetery in London in the 1960s and 70s. You may also have heard of the Kirklees Vampire which was supposed to have infested Robin Hood’s grave, near Brighouse in West Yorkshire. However, I recently stumbled upon another ‘real’ vampire case that seemsContinue reading “The Paris Vampire – The Vampires That Time Forgot #2”

Monster Bats Attack!

Here are some gobbets of strange and horrible vampire history from the late nineteenth century… Monster Bat Attacks Baby In Hampshire in November 1880, a woman put her baby to sleep in its cradle one afternoon. The room had an old fireplace but no fire, so the woman put a paraffin lamp on the hobContinue reading “Monster Bats Attack!”