Monster Bats Attack!

Here are some gobbets of strange and horrible vampire history from the late nineteenth century… Monster Bat Attacks Baby In Hampshire in November 1880, a woman put her baby to sleep in its cradle one afternoon. The room had an old fireplace but no fire, so the woman put a paraffin lamp on the hobContinue reading “Monster Bats Attack!”

Slippery Sam ~ Yorkshire’s ‘Nessie’

During the 1930s Britain’s north coast was regularly visited by a mysterious sea monster. At least, this is what many witnesses attested at the time, including a former lord mayor and two well-known Labour politicians. The press loved this recurring silly season story and the creature was dubbed The Humber Monster and the Withernsea VisitorContinue reading Slippery Sam ~ Yorkshire’s ‘Nessie’

Attack of the North Sea Monster!

Fishermen are known for their tall tales, but few are as tall as the tale told of the gigantic fire breathing sea serpent that attacked a Scottish trawler in 1903. Reports of sea monsters were fairly common in the newspapers of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, but the desperate battle between the crew ofContinue reading “Attack of the North Sea Monster!”

Monster Fly Attacks Yorkshire!

A monster fly three feet in length and with an 18 inch dagger like tongue caused mayhem when it escaped from a laboratory and went on the rampage in Yorkshire in February, 1932. This is according to a contemporary Bulgarian newspaper and reported by Reuters in several British papers several months later when it createdContinue reading “Monster Fly Attacks Yorkshire!”