Todmorden Ghost Busting Wizard Priest Necromancer’s Xmas Advice

Henry Krabtree, also known as Merlinus Rusticus, was a seventeenth century Todmorden curate – but that’s not all. He had a reputation as a ghost buster, necromancer and healer and did battle with weird demons while at the same time writing arch bitchy comments about his congregation in the parish records. In 1685 he wroteContinue reading “Todmorden Ghost Busting Wizard Priest Necromancer’s Xmas Advice”

Demonic Possession in Lancashire ~ The Surey Demoniack

What should you do if your son is possessed by the devil? Why, turn him into a demonic freakshow and invite the drunken public to come and gawp at him as he gibbers, capers and blasphemes, of course! Well, that’s what happened in this weird case of demonic possession from 17th century Lancashire… Richard DugdaleContinue reading “Demonic Possession in Lancashire ~ The Surey Demoniack”