Music for Plants Weird Musical History #8

I recently came across an odd vinyl album on Hebden Bridge flea market called Music for Plants by the Baroque Bouquet (pictured above). The record’s back sleeve claims that playing it to your plants will keep your plants happy and healthy. What kind of music do plants like? Well, that was worth coughing up myContinue reading “Music for Plants Weird Musical History #8”

Weird Calderdale: New Edition available now!

Ghosts, aliens, vampires, witches, wizards, outlaws, mysterious deaths, horrible murders and hysterical mass panics in Halifax and the Calder Valley. This new edition of a local history cult classic has been fully revised and greatly expanded to include 20 chapters of fully referenced West Yorkshire weirdness. Support your local bookshop: buy Weird Calderdale from theseContinue reading “Weird Calderdale: New Edition available now!”