Close Encounters of the Third World War Kind

Suddenly everyone’s talking about UFOs again. After President Biden ordered the military to shoot down a supposed Chinese spy balloon, several more unidentified flying objects were also tracked and destroyed over North America, with senior military officer General Glen VanHerck saying they were not ruling out the possibility of extra-terrestrial involvement.[i] Of course, it’s highlyContinue reading “Close Encounters of the Third World War Kind”

The Skoptsy – Russia’s Weird Castration Cult

This may sting a little. Away from the prying eyes of the orthodox authorities, a group of believers gather secretly in a Saint Petersburg cellar. They chant the name of Jesus Christ as if it were a mantra and enter a state of rapturous exaltation before dancing and spinning like dervishes singing, prophesying and howlingContinue reading “The Skoptsy – Russia’s Weird Castration Cult”